Everyone has felt frustrated by inefficient, wasteful meetings that are plagued by divisive arguments, lack of preparation, side conversations, and inaction. Imagine what might happen if you, your team, your department, or entire organization learned specific thinking tools that would instantly eliminate these issues, opening the door to thorough decisions, better communication, and easier problem resolution . . .
Six Thinking Hats, a thinking skills training course from Edward de Bono, teaches parallel thinking as an alternative to argument. Parallel thinking guides thought processes in one direction at a time so we can effectively analyze issues, generate new ideas, and make better decisions. Six Thinking Hats helps put our opinions aside so we can focus on a way forward, without argument. The Six Thinking Hats training course is fast-paced, practical, and interactive. Participants learn how to separate emotion from facts, the positive from the negative and critical thinking from creative thinking.


Six Thinking Hats Training Course Objectives and Outcomes Competencies enabling them to solve problems including the ability to:

• Identify a problem

• Propose alternative solutions

• Predict the consequences of each alternative

• Assess the usefulness of each set of consequences

• Select the best alternative

• Implement it

• Evaluate it


Anyone who wants to think clearly, objectively, and reatively will benefit from Six Thinking Hats training.

  • HR Professionals Project

  • Managers Meeting

  • Facilitators, Engineers

  • New Product Developers


How Might You Use The Six Thinking Hats? Six Thinking Hats is a simple, effective technique your team may use in a variety of applications.

Facilitation of meetings/

Continuous process improvement/

New products / new designs/

Conflict resolution/

Decision making and problem solving/

/Customer focus groups / interviews

/Leadership development


/Virtual meetings

/Individual thinking


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