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Who we are

GENESIS EVENTS INDIA is built upon five key pillars - Unremitting Diligence, Strategic Focus, Scrupulousness, Commitment and Integrity. The Company that has seen 16 years of steady growth was founded by a group of assiduous professionals with years of collective experience in the field of training and events.
A very good training program is vital to the success of any business but surprisingly it is most often overlooked. Companies around the world spend a lot of money to train employees in the skills they need to improve corporate performance - topics like communication, sales techniques, or performance management. But conventional training typically doesn't have much impact.
Therefore we as an entity impart training using tools which are far more interactive, dramatic, mind boggling and stimulating to help businesses improve their productivity and profitability.
In today's customer-oriented business environment, "creativity and innovation" are critical for personal and organizational success. Intelligence is something we are born with. Thinking is a skill that must be learned.
We provide de bono creativity and innovation tools to establish a new way of thinking that opens the doors to improved productivity and profitability.
Most of our Clients have conducted follow-on learning sessions with us. Our commitment to our clients goes beyond just a learning intervention. We take a keen interest in meeting the company's long term objectives.

What we do

GENESIS EVENTS INDIA, incorporated in April 1999 with a basic business model of developing and executing powerful training that increases efficiency, improves productivity and assists organizations to achieve optimal result, with incessant focus on building customer relationship. It capitalizes on the concepts of EDWARD DE BONO, who is considered to be a leading wizard in the field of Creative Thinking, to strengthen the business with the steady flow of "reach beyond the blue sky" ideas for opening the doors that people didn't even know existed. From the beginning, the company was founded on the principles of providing high quality impactful learning through extraordinary training tools.
But at the same time, at GENESIS, we believe our responsibilities extend beyond business. Mutual trust is the foundational element for any successful business. We ensure that our recommended learning solutions and training programs are effective and provide you with a clear roadmap to reach your desired goals


Long-term association

We have been providing training and development solutions to our clients in various industries and have garnered nominations from companies like SONY ENTERTAINMENT PVT LTD, FLEXTRONICS, CASTROL INDIA, DR. REDDY’S LABORATORY LTD, HERO CORP, HCL TECH, MARUTI UDYOG, ROBERT BOSCH INDIA, BHARAT PETROLEUM, BALLARPUR INDS. LTD and many more leading corporate giants.
Every business has its ups and downs. All you need is unfaltering stamina, sheer persistence and the vision to follow the pathway.
These 16 years have been remarkable for us in providing exceptional service to 400+ clients across India. Since 2001 we have conducted more than 1000+ Public Workshops on Edward de bono tools. We have worked and delivered in-house Customized Workshops to more than 500 organizations. More than 60 Thousand participants have benefited through De Bono tools in India.
The prime factors for our success include world class quality in terms of training products, pure commitment, promptness in action, "client-specific needs" approach and outright focus.

Our Clients