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You can do no better than to attend
a de Bono seminar."- Tom Peters

De Bono Thinking Systems have been adopted by leading businesses around the world for many years with outstanding and lasting results. You can change the way your business develops by transforming the way your people think - both individually and as a group. The teaching of 'thinking' as a skill really can be taught and learned. We call this 'operacy' - the management of thinking about doing.

Choose courses presented by Edward de Bono India that enable business leaders to increase individual and group performance.


Build a Creative and Innovative Thinking Organisation with :
A.Six Thinking Hats
B.Lateral Thinking
C.Power Of Perception Tools (POP)
E.Six Value Medals

The above mentioned tools of Dr. Edward de Bono is highly appreciated in the corporate world for Innovation & Creativity. Teams from Small business to fortune 500 companies use these tools to make there teams :

To Think Creatively to be ahead of the competition. To be more creative at work.
Instant solutions to the problems.
To be more focused
To generate Ideas on daily basis which helps
individuals, teams & organisation.
To work effeciently and effectively.
To Work Fast. Smart. Efficient.
To become a strategic thinker


Customised workshop benefits :
Better learning of the tools in compliance with the industry issues.
Learning with the team, helps them to be on the same level Cost effective
Teams work together
Remove personal egos
Improve personal efficency
Improve Creativity at work


Customised workshop Logistics :
Minimum 12 participants are required for an in-house customised workshop.
Conference Room
LCD Projector
Pen/pad/ pencil for the participants
Head Table for the trainer
V shape, Cluster Sitting
Hall will be required one hour prior to the workshop.
Electrical Extension card with Multiple Pin atleast 3/4 outlets. Name cards for all participants (for display on tables).


Post Workshop Benefits :
Two hours Complimentary feedback session after four to six weeks duration.
Formation of FAT (Fixed Assigned Task) CAT (Creative Action Teams) TEAMS to carry on the use of the tools in the organization.
Assigning them a fixed task and ask them to use Dr. Edward de Bono's Creativity Tools to solve the task. Give them a time slot.
By that time they need to prepare a presentation and describe what they did, how they did, what are the outcomes, what are the solution / remedies / new ideas to the given task? During all this they meet with each other, they exchange there views, they co-ordinate with each other. This whole post workshop activity will be monitored by the organisation themselves


Methodology :
The workshop is unique and effective with interactive tools of learning, discussions, exercises, inspiring films and simulations with a focus of developing and transferring skills spontaneously.

Participants will get :
Inclusive of USA original course material, & Certificates These Workshops are protected under International Copyright Laws and patented to Dr. Edward De Bono therefore, Original Course Material is given to all Participant's.

Commercial Investment :
Please call at +91 98116-30393 or email us at for formal proposal.

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