Lateral Thinking : is a deliberate, systematic, step-by-step process designed to uncover powerful new solutions by moving your thinking beyond the predictable. Learn how-to strengthen your business with a steady flow of profitable business ideas, “out-think” the competition. It doesn’t matter what part of the business you are responsible for, or what industry you work in. Most likely you are being asked to deliver more innovative solutions. If you want to improve your business results, this practical tool kit is for you.




About Lateral Thinking

Vertical thinking gives us the gift of logic. Lateral Thinking gives us the gift of creativity. Whenever you are faced with rapid change, fierce competition and the need to work miracles against all odds, that’s when you need the tools of Lateral Thinking.
Developing breakthrough ideas does not have to be the result of exhaustive brainstorming sessions. There is a proven, deliberate and systematic approach to creativity that will result in innovative ideas and solutions.
Lateral Thinking is a creative process that empowers people by adding strength to their natural abilities, a process that improves creativity, innovation and one which leads to increased productivity and profits.


Workshop Objectives

Lateral Thinking is regularly used by Fortune 500 companies.
By attending Lateral Thinking you will learn to:

  • Quick start creativity - apply structured thinking processes to facilitate personal and group idea generation.
  • Challenge current thinking by considering alternatives outside of the status quo and current thinking patterns.
  • Harvest and evaluate ideas generated in a creative session for practical implementation.
  • Generate unique solutions to difficult problems.

Who needs Lateral Thinking

Not only people who devise strategy or work in R & D, but anyone who wants a disciplined process for innovation, idea generation, concept development, creative problem solving, or a strategy to challenge the status quo can benefit from Lateral Thinking.


About the Speaker

Suhail S Gupta - Master Trainer

Managing and Transforming Professional Service Firms XAVIER UNIVERISTY, Cincinnati, OH, USA Master of Business Administration THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, Columbus, OH, USA. Trained and Assisted in a large number of Lateral Thinking and Six Thinking Hats workshops in India. Clients include top fortune 500 companies and leading organizations in India...

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