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You can do no better than to attend
a de Bono seminar."- Tom Peters

De Bono Thinking Systems have been adopted by leading businesses around the world for many years with outstanding and lasting results. You can change the way your business develops by transforming the way your people think - both individually and as a group. The teaching of 'thinking' as a skill really can be taught and learned. We call this 'operacy' - the management of thinking about doing.

Choose courses presented by Edward de Bono India that enable business leaders to increase individual and group performance.


Courses for business
Six Thinking Hats - Parallel Thinking - World Class Teamwork
A new language for teams and individuals which dramatically increases effectiveness through focused thinking. Moves your team from traditional adversarial thinking to co-operative thinking.

Lateral Thinking
A term now officially recognised in the Oxford English Dictionary, De Bono Lateral Thinking systems use specific tools and techniques to generate alternatives that go far beyond the obvious solutions.

Power Of Perception Tools (POP)
10 tools to help your people consistently make good decisions and solve problems. The tools make your performance and thinking more deliberate, structured, organised and effective.

A new course created by Dr de Bono which is invaluable to any organisation seeking to simplify its products and processes

Six Value Medals
A brand new course designed by Dr de Bono to to be launched shortly that enables people to quickly but thoroughly scan for values, prioritise which are the most important to pursue, and then ensure that the best values are addressed and maximised every step of the way.

Materials: attendees will always receive the official de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc. materials which include handy job aids for use back on the job.

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