For the last twenty years, ROPES (Reality Oriented Personal Experiences) events—from physical team problem solving to zip wires—have been popular personal and organizational development tools. When set up, facilitated and debriefed well, these experiential learning events have a dramatic effect on both learning and applying new concepts concerning team, organization and leadership development. As part of its ongoing OD Tools effort, IDEAS has designed this course to bring the power of ROPES learning, too often dependent on outdoor facilities and specialized equipment, to your toolkit—usable in any training design or in any physical space.

This workshop takes its participants through dozens of exercises—from icebreakers and group energizers to more complex problem solving and trust building activities. Supported by extensive procedural write-ups on all exercises presented, this course is designed for participants to put the power of a ROPES course to work right away—as stand-alone elements or in support of other theories or tools (like the MBTI® Assessment).

  • Experience a number of different ways to break the ice and energize groups
  • Participate in group problem solving activities of varying complexity
  • Build trust in groups with activities that get groups to open up and connect
  • Reduce Conflicts within work teams and build an ambience of cohesiveness
  • Help build assertiveness in communication with other team members

Teams of all Sizes.

  • Team Building
  • Trust Building
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategy Building

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Participants Comments

Would recommend to all team members. The approach of using active participation in exercises v/s slide heavy training was a welcome breath of fresh air.

James Mathew

UTC Aerospace Systems

Excellent interaction, excellent hands on exercises.

Uday shankar ravoopy

UTC Aerospace Systems

Excellent training, this will help in my daily activities to perform my activities in highly effective way.

V. Ravi Kumar

UTC Aerospace Systems

Truly enjoyable

Pradeep Kumar Pandey

UTC Aerospace Systems

Amazing to see whole training without presentating/course material. Excellent exercises and employee engagement.

Veda Prakash

UTC Aerospace systems

Well structured cources. What was most interesting was the real life cause studies that Dr. Sunil related to different concepts. Most courses step at teaching new tools. However this one facilated stakeholder management which makes it very practical.

Priyanka ahuja

Deloitte consulting india pvt ltd

Brilliant learning and being aware of how to address and solve concerns in time bound manner and collaboratively. Some more videos would have made it more closer to the subject.

Gurvinder kumar

janalakshmi financial services ltd

Training helps a lot in all situation. I would recommend it strongly for others. Excellent!

Hema Chandra

Fidelity business services india pvt ltd

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