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Dr. Sunil Gupta

Dr. Sunil Gupta is 4th Life Time Master Trainer in the world.
Distributor for official Dr. Edward de Bono Tools for India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Middle East & Bangaldesh

ECreation, January 6, 1957, Jammu, India. Early education at the University of Bombay. Post Masters Research and Advanced Training in HR at New York, University, NY, USA. M.Phil & Ph.D. in Management. 30 years Academic, Industry & Consulting Experience in 36 countries, working with Cultural Diversity (75 nationalities). Last Line Assignment was as Corporate Manager - HRD, Colgate Palmolive Inc.

Trainer: Life Time Master Trainers require to be of a high professional standard and have considerable experience in training using the de Bono courses - they are selected. Once they have shown their undoubted ability they are eligible to train participants, individual or corporate trainers in any combination of Lateral Thinking, Six Thinking Hats and the POP (Power Of Perception Tools)programme. Accreditation and registry has been entrusted to APTT (Advanced Practical Thinking Training Inc).

Dr. Sunil Gupta is a Post Graduate in Commerce & Management from the university of Bombay and holds a Ph. D. in Management. He has completed his post Master's qualifications and research in Human Resources from the New York University, USA. Dr. Gupta also has post Graduate Diplomas in Management as well as Training and Development. He is, in addition, an accredited Behavioral Science Trainer, having done his "Laboratory Training" (T-Group), "PSOD" (Programme for Specialists in Organization Development) and the advanced workshops on "Facilitating & Managing Complex Systems change", all at the scholarships throughout his academic careers. He has also to his credit specialized training in TQM from the Juran Institue Inc., Team Facilitator Certification from Tennessee Associates U.S.A., Training on BS 8600 Customer Complaints, ISO - 9000 Internal Auditor and Lead Assessor ( IQA/RBA, UK ). Dr. Sunil Gupta has been trained & certified as a Master Trainer / Consultant, personally by Dr. Edward De Bono and is licensed to offer Lateral Thinking , Six Thinking Hats, DATT, Simplicity and CORT workshops & consultancy in the GCC, India , Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Dr. Gupta has also been Trained by Tony Buzan & Vanda North on the use of Mind Maps for business and is a licensed instructor on Mind Mapping for the Middle East. Dr. Gupta is also certified on Kepner Trego - "Problem Solving & Decision Making Techniques" and the use of Simulations in Business and Management Training. He is also a certified facilitator on ODI's "Voice Of The Customer". Dr. Sunil Gupta is also a certified Black Belt in Six Sigma from the Motorola University, U.S.A.

Dr. Gupta's 30 years career blends academic and industrial experience. His previous work assignments have been in Singapore, USA, India and the GCC. His last line assignment was with Colgate Palmolive Co., where he was Corporate manager, Human Resources Development. His areas of expertise and experience include: Management Development, Job Evaluation, Performance Management Systems, Training Needs Analysis, Organization Development, Human Resource information System (HRIS), Psychometric testing and general management. Besides he has wide experience in field sales having closely interacted and worked with the Sales force at Colgate for 3 years.

He has handled HRD and Training Consultancy assignments in the US, India, Singapore and GCC countries with several multinational companies and the Government sector. Dr. Sunil Gupta has special interest in Improving Customer service, Creativity & Thinking Skills and initiating and sustaining Quality processes in Organizations. Participants in Dr. Gupta's Workshops have been from over 65 nationalities and he has trained / consulted in over 30 countries. Dr. Gupta's research papers have been published at several international proceedings.

Dr. Gupta was the recipient of "Chairman's You Can Make a Difference Award" (YCMAD) for devising and implementing the "Human Resource Information System" (HRIS) awarded by the chairman of Colgate Palmolive Inc. Besides he was also nominated for another YCMAD by the Sales Director at Colgate Palmolive Inc. For designing a special package on "Merchandising" for the sales force. Dr. Gupta is featured in "Who's Who among young American Professionals".

The winner is the chef who takes the same ingredients as everyone else and produces the best results."
- Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono



  • Life Time Master Trainer, Dr. Edward de Bono Creativity Tools.
  • Master Black Belt, Six Sigma, Motorola University, USA.
  • Certified TRIZ Expert (Russian Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), U.S.A.
  • Certified Trainer, Mind Mapping, Buzan Centre, UK.
  • Certified ROPES ( Team Building) Facilitator, USA.
  • Certified Lead/Internal Auditor - ISO 9001-2000, IQA, U.K.
  • Certified Team Facilitator Training, Tennessee Associates, USA.
  • Certified Facilitator, TQM, Juran Institute Inc., USA.
  • Certified Koalaty Kid Trainer, ASQ, USA.
  • Certified Facilitator, Kepner Tregoe - "Problem Solving & Decision Making", USA.
  • Certified Facilitator, "Voice of the Customer", ODI Inc., USA.
  • Certified Facilitator, Ken Blanchard Companies, USA.
  • Certified Facilitator, BSC and Strategy Maps, Orion Development Group, U.S.A.
  • Certified Programme for Specialists in Organization Development (PSOD), NTL-USA.