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Give students the tools they need to enhance their creative thinking!

Parents, educators, and government leaders around the world generally agree that schools must help children learn to improve their thinking skills. But how? The world's most respected authority on creative and constructive thinking and creator of thinking methods used by world leaders in business and government, created this powerful course in thinking skills for school children.
First offered in 1970 and proven effective in elementary and secondary schools in every hemisphere, CoRT will give your students thinking skills they can begin using now and continue to use daily throughout their lives.

What is CoRT?

This ten lesson, two-week program teaches students of all abilities to effectively apply their intelligence to any academic, personal, or social situation. The lessons are dynamic yet basic enough to be taught at any grade level from K-Adult, with minor adaptations. These lessons help students broaden perception, as fundamental to thinking as vocabulary is to reading.
Each lesson is structured in five parts: 1 "D" and 4 "P"s

Define the tool Practice

The teacher guides will lead you through each lesson. The D and Ps are each summarized on handy student cards. You can also conduct the whole lesson orally, without the cards, on the chalk board, overhead projector, computer terminals, etc.

The first strand of 10 lessons (CoRT Breadth) is sequential. After that you can pick and choose the strand(s) that best suite your students, or you can teach the whole program systematically.

You may also choose a "tool of the week" and teach a little bit about it for 5-10 minutes a day. The lessons are great for an attention-getter first thing in the morning or right after lunch to refocus the students' attention.

Even if you only find time for a few of the CoRT tools you will be giving your students a gift that will change the way they think, not just for a day but for a lifetime! " is reasonable to conclude that CoRT has considerable impact on thinking about the kinds of imaginative or common sense situations highlighted in CoRT materials...there can be some impact on general measure of intelligence and on school performance...CoRT is straightforward, ingenious, and quite easy to apply. Intelligence can be taught with CoRT" Outsmarting IQ: Them Emerging Science of Learnable Intelligence by David Perkins, Ph.D

CoRT is a 60 lesson, 2 year program that teaches students of all abilities to effectively apply their intelligence to any academic, personal, or social situation. The lessons are generic enough to be taught at any grade level from K - 12, with minor adaptations.

Course Fee : INR 12000

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