Train The Trainer

In order to be become a qualified trainer for Dr. Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats®, Lateral Thinking, The Power of Perception™, Focus on Facilitation™, Simplicity, or Six Value Medals™ you must complete the respective Certification process for the course you wish to teach, and maintain your certification status.

By becoming an dBTS Certified Instructor of one or more de Bono courses you are entitled to use and teach the use of the tools in that particular course(s) to others, and agree to use the appropriate dBTS materials in your training. You may be certified as a Corporate Instructor, authorized to train company's employees and/or an Independent Instructor, enabling you to offer the dBTS programs to outside clients. You must re-certify every two years.

We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity and high quality of the de Bono courses every time they are taught. For that reason, certification courses are taught ONLY by Dr. de Bono or by dBTS Master Trainers who have proven knowledge and experience in teaching the courses and practicing the de Bono Thinking Systems methods.

1) Certification Application: Six Thinking Hats Certification candidates must first apply for certification, provide professional references, and obtain approval from Master Trainer. Candidates are asked to provide:

  • Educational background
  • Training experience
  • Proof of professional achievement

Upon acceptance of your application we will send you an agreement to be signed and returned prior to the Certification.

2) Pre-work: Online

3) Day 1: Experience the course as a participant.

This model allows those certifying to experience an actual one-day training course and to observe the training as delivered by a Master Trainer.

4) Days 2 : Trainer Certification

  • The Course covered in much greater detail.
  • Participants complete evening assignments each night, including reading, preparing presentations, and preparing meeting facilitations.
  • A number of assigned practice sessions and facilitations are conducted during the certification.
  • Participants receive immediate constructive feedback from the Master Trainer, and are asked to provide feedback to others.
  • 5) Day 3: Implementation

    Participants practice with the group or individually

    6) Recertification: Certified Trainers Must Recertify Every 2 Years

    Innovation & Creativity Teams

    Train your own In-house faculties and trainers to master the tools of Innovation and Creativity to accelerate the growth of the organization. Let your people initiate and cascade the culture of Innovative Thinking. By training your own facilitators you will be better equip to manage your challenges. They can scale your innovation efforts and capabilities with in your organization.

    Recommended Group Size : 0 – 10

  • Lateral Thinking
  • Six Thinking Hats
  • Power Of Perception
  • Six Value Medals
  • Simplicity
  • Focus on Facilitation
  • CoRT

  • Trainer’s Kit
  • Certificate
  • Opportunity to shadow the trainer
  • Listed on the website of De Bono Thinking Systems USA

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Participants Comments

It was a wonderful workshop. Perhaps, one of the best training I have ever attended. Thank you Dr. Sunil for keeping us thoroughly engaged and making us to think!

Shridhar H.M

Arvind lifestyle brands ltd

Getting more knowledge, how to manage situation, decision making and problem solving.

Savita Kulkarni

Siemens technology & services pvt ltd

Once in a while I attend training program in our organisation that is so encouraging that it makes time away from my core job worth while. It should have focus group session to solve the real problem caused by organisation.

Ravi Ranjan

Capgemini consulting india pvt ltd

Very interactive training. I had best engagement ever in life in any training attended till date. Trainer magically made everyone 100% awake even in after lunch hours

Piyush Pant

Ericsson india global services pvt ltd

These tools will help me to cover up with alternatives and better ideas in my personal lives.

Muhammad waseem

UTC Aerospace systems

Well structured cources. What was most interesting was the real life cause studies that Dr. Sunil related to different concepts. Most courses step at teaching new tools. However this one facilated stakeholder management which makes it very practical.

Priyanka ahuja

Deloitte consulting india pvt ltd

Brilliant learning and being aware of how to address and solve concerns in time bound manner and collaboratively. Some more videos would have made it more closer to the subject.

Gurvinder kumar

janalakshmi financial services ltd

Training helps a lot in all situation. I would recommend it strongly for others. Excellent!

Hema Chandra

Didelity business services india pvt ltd

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